Thursday, February 14, 2013

Echo1 Rifle Dynamics AK700 (JP-76)

Rifle Dynamics Trade Marks
All Metal Construction
Triangle Folding Stock
Gas Block Rail for Optic and Other Accessories
400Fps Out of the Box
2 High Capacity Magazine
Stick Battery
Wall Charger

Echo1 RedStar OCW (JP-76)

Echo1 RedStar Series
All Metal Construction
CQB Stock
Full Ris Hand Guard for Optics and Other Accessories.
400Fps Out of the Box
2 High Capacity Translucent Magazine
Ambi Charging Handle (Faux)
Butterfly Battery
Wall Charger

Sunday, February 10, 2013

APS Urban Assault Rifle, APS UAR

APS Urban Assault Rifle, APS UAR
APS UAR HAS Three Magazine Release button
Unlike the traditional SMG, the UAR has three magazine release buttons. Two buttons are located at the front part of the gun parallel to each other and the other button located next to the magazine housing at the back. Three magazine release buttons allow users to release the magazine in different tactical situation.

APS UAR HAS A Mirror design for both left and right handed users
Magazine Release button is located on both the left and right sides of the gun. The cocking handle has quick detach function allowing users to place the handle on either left or right. Users can operate this gun easily no matter if they are left handed or right handed.

APS UAR HAS Adjustable Hop Up and functional bolt release catch
Similar to APS ASR Series, the bolt can be locked backward which allows the user to adjust the Hop Up easily. After adjustment, users can simply press down the bolt release button located on the top of the butt stock to release the bolt back to its original position.

APS UAR HAS A Tactical Rail
The UAR standard comes with 4 side rails. The top and side rails allows players to add lights, scopes, red dots and much more

APS UAR HAS Unique appearance
The UAR comes equipped with a dynamic trigger, ergonomic pistol grip with room to place two 123A batteries. A modified magazine housing allows a user to perform fast reloads without any trouble. The design of the bigger trigger guard is also extremely helpful when a player is wearing gloves.

The UAR uses APS V3 Hybrid gearbox. With its bullpup design, the UAR is a medium size CQC airsoft gun with a long 385mm inner barrel.

APS UAR IS Easy Assembling and dissembling
One of the greatest features of the UAR is it's special design where no tools are required when assembling and dissembling. A user can simply disassemble the gun by removing 3 main pins on the lower receiver. The unused main pin can be inserted on the top rail. A Stick type battery is placed in the front part of the gun. No tools are required and users can reassemble the UAR in less than 60 seconds.

APS AUR HAS A Full Metal Hop Up Chamber
For the internals APS has equipped the UAR with a genuine metal hop up chamber, which is rarely found in other AEGs. The standard velocity of the UAR is 350 FPS which is easily upgradable by changing the main spring. The main spring can easily be changed with the UAR's quick detach feature found on the hybrid gearbox

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

G-Tac Airsoft Moc Suppressors

The all new G-Tac Airsoft Moc Suppressors are the perfect touch to any Airsoft Gun or Airsoft Pistol. The G-Tac Mocs are made of high quality aluminum and built tough to last.These are by far the best Airsoft Suppressor on the market and they come with an Awesome price tag thats hard to pass up. So get your G-Tac Moc Suppressor now available now at Godfather Airsoft exclusively. We promise you will love or your money back!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Echo1 AMD-65, Echo 1 Red star AMD-65

The Echo 1 AMD-65 is the latest to Echo1′s lineup of AEGs. Not being your traditional AK on the field, this gun stands out with it’s unique foregrip and folding stock. Some key features to point out is the shorter front end and folding stock. The front section uses a short ended outer barrel and gas block compared to other AK’s. Allowing room for maneuverability, this gun is great for close quarter environments. To increase the control while on the move there is a vertical tactical grip added to the bottom of the metal hand guard. On the back of the gun is the metal folding stock that is fitted with a rubber pad. The stock has a secure lock feature that must be pressed in while the stock is extended or folded over. With the locking feature the stock is secure while in use and still allows quick use if needed.

Constructed mostly out of metal the Echo1 AMD-65 uses a steel body to keep the weight and feel of the gun very realistic. The inside is nothing but the best using upgrade parts to make this a field ready gun out of the box. Included in every AMD is a MadBull Blue hop up buckings giving players a pre-upgraded AEG.The gearbox uses 8mm steel bearings with steel gears giving the player a durable and efficient Airsoft gun. The piston is made out of polycarbon and has a re-enforced pick up tooth and the second tooth. An already trimmed AoE meshing and a ported piston head with bearings is already installed allowing the AMD to be one of the best built Airsoft gun out on the market. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Echo1 Stag-15 MFR12, Echo1 MFR12,

Echo1 MFR12

Product Name:Echo 1 STAG-15 MFR23
Model Number:CUSTOM MFR12
Inner Barrel Length:363mm
Barrel Caliber:6mm
BB Capacity:300Rounds
Initial BB Speed:400fps
Battery Type:Nunchuck
Body Material:ABS

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Annex MI-7 Gogles

Annex MI-7 

Annex MI-7, Black, "Premium Deluxe Spec" Goggle, Color Boxed
A great goggle that has it all--professional features at an entry level price. From its inception, the Annex MI-7 goggles was intended to take the abuse of any level of play; from the daily rental fleet grind to the occasional weekend battle in the woods. Designed by players, for players--all the features you're looking for at a price that won't break the bank.
·        -    *Double-Paned, Thermal Lens system with Hardcoat Lens treatment, fog and scratch resistant polycarbonate construction
·             * Dual-Layer comfort foam--base layer SBR foam for impact absorption, exterior open-cell foam for sweat wicking and comfort
·             *Extreme protection--double layer foam located in both frame and ear
·             *Premium microstitch strap—extra durability, elasticity, and eye-catching embroidered logos
·             *Extreme Vision--ultimate visibility, 160 degrees vertical and 260 degrees horizontal vision. See where you're walking! No more sprained ankles!
·             *Full ASTM and CE certification
·             *Robust high-density injected polyethylene
·             *Patented QuickChange lens-release system
·             *Optimized sculpted visor for improved ball deflection and shade
·             *Ultra-durable integrated strap and retention system for quick lens changes
·             *Each goggle individually inspected and Boxed packaged